Heavy problems.

When I came to Colorado I realized how fit all the people on campus are. I thought that was just coincidence but then I came across that article last week: The FATTEST states of America: Map shows how South tops obesity rankings as West Virginia is named most overweight in U.S.

Apparently Colorado is the healthiest state in the US with only about 18 per cent of its population obese – in comparison to 33.5 per cent in West Virginia, the “fattest” state. Colorado – “the outdoorsy state“, how it is called in the article, is the only state with a rate under 20 per cent.

The cliche of America as a country of overweight is stuck in Germans’ heads – and to be honest, that’s what I thought as well.

BUT the national obesity rate in the US is 26.2 per cent while in Germany every fifth person is obese as defined in the article (BMI of 30 or higher). So the difference is actually not too big.

But I am impressed how important health and fitness is for the students here – way more important than to my friends in Germany! Hopefully I can bring back some of that attitude back to my home country :)

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